19 Hotels In The United Kingdom

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Shepherd Cox has acquired and refurbished several Hotels over the past few years and continues to grow its rapidly expanding hotel portfolio

Hands off investment

You invest in a room or multiple rooms and can sit back and collect income-hotels can be the perfect investment. Sometimes, offers like this can seem to be too good to be true. Not in this case. The room itself is part of the hotel stock, it is service and managed as part of the hotel.

Low risk

Investing in hotel rooms could be a particularly low risk investment. You are investing in a globally recognised brand in most cases.

Ease and accessibility

Hotel room investment makes commercial property hotel investment accessible to everybody. many smart global funds and large investment companies are invested across the world.

Rental yield guaranteed

Most hotel investments come with a guaranteed rental yield. Taking away another layer of risk from your investment and making calculating your return easier in the long term.

The Best Hotels In The UK

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